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Ski Clothing Brands
Ski clothing is a must if you are going to hit the slopes this season. Many of these brands are specially designed to be extra rugged and warm to suit the needs of skiers. Start with this list of quality ski clothing brands when you are ready to shop.

Armada Ski Clothing Brand
Armada is headquartered in Costa, Mesa California and makes high quality jackets, pants and apparel for modern skiers. Warm, insulated and stylish are a given with this brand.

Karbon Ski Clothing Brand
Karbon is a ski brand that dares people to be different. They use materials that are waterproof, breathable and can stretch. This will ensure that you stay dry and warm, even in the harshest conditions. Karbon was launched in 1997, they are owned by Schure sports which is a privately held, family-owned business based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Oakley Ski Clothing Brand
Oakley is a stylish ski brand the makes ski apparel, ski goggles and glasses. Lots of people that are not even skiers like to wear Oakley glasses, they have a cool edgy look to them. Oakley is known as an innovator in the have one in 600 patents to back up that reputation. Oakley is also sold in more than 110 countries throughout the world.

Obermeyer Ski Clothing Brand

Klaus Obermeyer, a fine skier in his own right, believed that people would spend more time on the slopes if they were warm and comfortable. So he developed the Obermeyer brand, which is slope tested in his home of Aspen, Colorado. Their website is pretty neat too, as it lets you create your own unique ski outfit.

Salomon Ski Clothing Brand
Salomon make some of the highest quality ski jackets out there, yet they don't come cheap, a Salomon ski jacket starts at around $200. They also manufacture pants, mid-layers, boots, goggles and other ski accessories.

Spyder Ski Clothing Brand
Spyder makes some really cool ski clothing and their logo is easily recognizable, it's a great big black widow spider! I own a spyder ski jacket and i can honestly say that it's really comfortable, warm and I love how it looks. As long as you aren't scared of spiders, this is a great brand for skiers. Large selection of apparel for ladies and gents.

The North Face Ski Clothing Brand

The North Face has lots of locations, where they sell a large amount of ski apparel. They also like to sponsor young athletes, that paid of big at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. They scored 2 gold medals with Kaitlyn Farrington and Maddie Bowman. They also scored 2 silver medals with Mike Riddle and Devin Logan. That should only continue to grow this brand. The North Face was founded in 1966, in San Francisco.